Stream Now on Spotify: TRES Instrumentals Vol. 1 – Celebrating Two Decades of Music

Posted by Chikara Kurahashi on

As we have previously announced, our focus as a label will be beats and instrumentals going forward (TRES "Black Label"). This shift is not just a change in direction, but a tribute to the core of our musical journey.

As we gear up for our 20th anniversary in 2024, we've been revisiting our rich back catalog, listening to them on Spotify. This nostalgic journey has vividly reminded us of the incredibly talented beat makers we've had the honor of collaborating with over the years.

We're excited to share that this is the debut of a special Spotify playlist, meticulously curated by Chikaramanga. Titled "TRES Instrumentals Vol.1," this collection features instrumental versions of tracks that we had the privilege of releasing under our brand.

Link to the playlist:

Listening to these instrumental versions is an experience in itself. It allows you to appreciate the genius behind how these beats were constructed, layered, and sequenced. It's a perspective you might have missed when listening to the vocal versions of these tracks.

Creating this playlist was an exhilarating experience, akin to crafting a mix tape. It was a journey through our history, re-discovering the essence of each beat. And this is just the beginning. We have more playlists lined up, ready to bring you a unique auditory experience.

Stay tuned for more as we continue to explore and celebrate the art of beat-making!


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