Chikaramanga / Progressing to the Stone Age Phase One (Release Date: 12/1/2023)

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Emerging from the dynamic scene of Los Angeles during his time with the illustrious hip-hop collective Giant Panda and Tres Records, Chikaramanga has returned to his Tokyo roots, evolving his sonic journey. "Progressing to the Stone Age Phase One" presents a rich palette of sounds, a testament to Chikaramanga’s ever-expanding artistry.

The track "Jobs" unfolds with a purposeful, slow tempo — its heavy drums and jazzy, enigmatic samples exude an atmospheric depth. In contrast, "A Friendly Reminder" stands out with its innovative drum programming, intertwining with Japanese Shamisen strings to offer a blend of nostalgia and invigorating melodies.
Yet, one of the album's crowning jewels is "Back-of-the-envelope Calculation." Arguably one of the most potent tracks, its heavy drums and captivating samples evoke a unique sense of retrofuturism, echoing the vision of tomorrow as imagined by the visionaries of the 1970s.

In Tokyo, Chikaramanga fuses the nostalgic allure of 90s vintage samplers with the sharpness of modern "Maschine" techniques. His compositions delve deep into the world of 70s and 80s Japanese vinyl, often drawing from the cinematic melodies of movie and anime soundtracks.

Delve into "Progressing to the Stone Age Phase One" for an auditory experience that spans decades and cultures, where Chikaramanga seamlessly bridges the past with the present, ever embodying Tres Records' mission: "Preserve the tradition, yet stimulate the progress."

"Progressing to the Stone Age Phase One" is a digital-only release. It will be available on all major digital platforms worldwide on the release date, 12/1/2023. 

All tracks produced by Chikaramanga and Mixed and Mastered by NOAH

Track List:

  1. Jobs
  2. Back-of-the-Envelope Calculation
  3. A Friendly Reminder
  4. Return of the Hiccup
  5. Craziness
  6. Between the Lines
  7. Zoned Out Sometimes
  8. Chapter 11
  9. Footprints
  10. Gates

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