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Preserve the tradition, yet stimulate the progress...


  Tres Records is a Los Angeles based independent Hip Hop label established in 2004. Tres has releases numerous projects that has been well-received in Hip Hop scene worldwide such as Giant Panda “Fly School Reunion,” Thes One (of People Under The Stairs) “Lifestyle Marketing,” Johnson&Jonson (Blu and Mainframe) “Johnson&Jonson,” and House Shoes “Let It Go.”

  From 2013 to 2017, Tres didn’t have any new release. Breaking the silence, 2018 is the year of Tres’s relaunch. Currently, Tres is run by two of Tres’s founding members, Chikara and Sausen. Preparing to relaunch the label, they revisited the direction of the label and decided to focus on the original concept the label was started with, a playground for artists who share passions for sample based beat making and 90s Hip Hop.”

  As artists themselves, Chikara and Sausen believe process of creation is critical in order to achieve the quality they hope to deliver. Vintage samplers and drum machines, analog recording gears, and vinyl are key elements of their creative process. Playfulness is also an important ingredient of their creativity. Tres’s vision is to promote and reinforce these values and develop network of artists, who share same values.


email: info@tresrecords.com

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