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Preserve the tradition, yet stimulate the progress...


Established in 2004, Tres Records has solidified its place in the annals of the Los Angeles independent hip-hop scene. The label is synonymous with projects that echo far beyond borders, from the highly praised Giant Panda’s “Fly School Reunion,” Thes One’s “Lifestyle Marketing,” Johnson&Jonson’s eponymous album, to House Shoes' "Let It Go."

After a reflective pause post-2013, the anticipation has been building. As 2023 unfolds, Tres Records heralds a resurgence, illuminating its mission: "Preserve the tradition, yet stimulate the progress." Guided by this mantra, founding members Chikara and Sausen steer the ship, anchoring the label in its roots while charting a course to new horizons. Their vision harks back to the golden age of 90s hip-hop, while embracing the transformative potential of the future.

More than just stewards, Chikara and Sausen are artists. They venerate the nuances of creation, from the tactile feel of vintage samplers and drum machines to the sonic warmth of analog recording gear and vinyl. Yet, they recognize that innovation isn't merely about tools, but mindset — a playfulness that pushes boundaries.

With its gaze set on 2023 and the years ahead, Tres Records is poised at a crossroads. It stands as a beacon for a community of artists committed to hip-hop's core essence while fearlessly exploring uncharted territories. This year is more than just a relaunch; it's a reaffirmation of a legacy and a commitment to a future brimming with possibilities.


email: info@tresrecords.com

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