Shawn Jackson "Feelin Jack" (12")
Shawn Jackson "Feelin Jack" (12")

Shawn Jackson "Feelin Jack" (12")


A newcomer to some, Shawn Jackson will definitely turn heads on his first single "Feelin' Jack." A feel-good song that can satisfy real heads to dance floor participants, "Feelin' Jack" is a great introduction to Shawn Jackson's persona, and his musical landscape. As the first single for his upcoming album, "First Of All," via Tres Records, Shawn Jackson follows with the great B-Side, "Strategies," ft. Detroit buzz machine, Guilty Simpson. Both tracks confirm that Shawn Jackson is definitely someone to watch for 2008 and beyond, as tastemakers such as DJ Andy Smith (Portishead) and Urb Magazine all hail praises to Shawn and his honest approach to making music. "Feelin' Jack" maybe your first introduction, but it definitely will not be the last time you here the name, Shawn Jackson!

(Taken from one sheet)

Artist: Shawn Jackson
Title: Feelin Jack
Cat #: TR396-045
UPC#: 181057000288
Format: 12”
Condition: New
Price: $5.00

Track List

Side A
1. Feelin’ Jack - Clean
2. Feelin’ Jack - Dirty
3. Feelin’ Jack – Instrumental

Side B
1. Strategies feat. Guilty Simpson - Clean
2. Strategies feat. Guilty Simpson - Instrumental
3. Strategies feat. Guilty Simpson – Acappella

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