Paten Locke "Break Thru" (12")
Paten Locke "Break Thru" (12")

Paten Locke "Break Thru" (12")


Ever since Paten Locke could remember, he always wanted to put his own spin on hip-hop culture, and with a move to Jacksonville Florida in the late 1990’s; he was able to do just that.   Armed with his record collection, rhyme books, and newly acquired turntables the Boston born Paten Locke, hit the streets of Jacksonville and quickly made a name for himself. Well… a nickname to be exact. “The Triple Threat”, also known, as “Therapy” became one of the most sought out artist in the area, known widely for his production, rhyming and djing skills.   Fast forward to 2005, after forming the group Asamov with three of his closest friends, the group then released an internationally acclaimed album And Now (6th Hole Records.) The album featured one of their most popular singles BoomBox, and continued to keep Paten’s name ringing in the streets. After having a few legal issues over the name Asamov, Paten decided to start another group; which led to 2 more projects including the latest digital release of The Smile Ray’s Smilin On You, (Rawkus Records). Paten conceptualized, co produced, and led the vocal charge on both of these albums. This gave him many  opportunities to expand upon his own name (starting with production). He soon had production credits on other artist albums such as Mr.Lif and Akrobatik (whom he has also traveled the world with as a tour dj). With all of his previous success, Paten Locke (a.k.a. Therapy) is gearing up to release his first solo effort on Tres Records. Break Thru will be the first 12” single, and its sure to keep his fans wanting more.

(Taken from one sheet)

Artist: Paten Locke
Title Break Thru
Cat#: TR396-059
UPC#: 181057000561
Format: 12” Vinyl
Condition: New

Track List

Side A

  1. Break Thru
  2. Break Thru – Instrumental
  3. Funky Hit Record

Side B

  1. Just Me
  2. Just Me – Instrumental
  3. Funky Hit Record – Instrumental

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