Johnson&Jonson "Mama Told Me" (12")
Johnson&Jonson "Mama Told Me" (12")

Johnson&Jonson "Mama Told Me" (12")


Fresh as the powder, and smooth as the oil, Johnson & Jonson is the super-group consisting of core members Blu & Mainframe, with extended family members Ben Johnson, Sean Johnson, Troy Johnson, Jack Johnson, and others.  Their debut "S/T" LP has been championed by the likes of XXL, Vibe, Complex Magazine,,,, and others, as one of the best LPs of 2008, completing the trilogy of releases for Blu in 2008.  Intended as a mixtape to the critically acclaimed Blu & Exile release, "Below the Heavens," Johnson & Jonson is full of rare rock, soul, pop, and funk loops with a both playful and cinematic production landscape created by producer/MC Mainframe, giving listeners a glimpse into their life living in Long Beach, CA.  Johnson & Jonson is out in stores now via Tres Records.

Artist: Johnson&Jonson
Title: Mama Told Me
Cat#: TR396-049
Format: 12" Vinyl
Condition: New

Track List 

Side A
1. MamaToldMe
2. MamaToldMe - Instrumental

Side B
1. HoldOnJohn
2. DoRight (BONUS BEAT)

Executive Producers : John Barnes / Jon Ancheta / Chikara Kurahashi
Produced by Johnson & Jonson : Blu & MainFrame
Recorded at the Oxygen Tank Long Beach CA.
Mixed and Manipulated at AGDM Studios by AGDM & MainFrame

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