Giant Panda "With It" (12")
Giant Panda "With It" (12")

Giant Panda "With It" (12")


Artist: Giant Panda
Title: With It
Cat#: TR396-002
Format: 12” vinyl

With It 12” has three more pieces of music that remind you why you liked hip-hop in the first place.  ‘With It’ finds the posse trading verses over a fresh vibraphone sample that’s more Pete Rock than Kanye, giving more room for the brilliant and expertly-delivered verses to kick.  ‘’GP Y’All’ finds them rhyming with Proh Mic and GP member Chikaramanga dropping his verse in Japanese.  With a solid, old-school chorus and laid back feel. ‘’Racist’ is one of the funniest, most politically incorrect and critically on point songs you’ll ever hear.  Featuring Thes One from People Under The Stairs, the posse raps about every stereotype about every race and nationality they represent: latino, black, white, Japanese…no one is above the GP’s blazing wit and social critique.  This is a song as brilliant as it is offensive and exactly what hip-hop needs right now: a sense of humor about itself to cut through the arctic ocean of ice grills.

Side A

  1. With It
  2. With It inst.
  3. GP Y’All feat. Proh Mic

Side B

  1. Racist feat. Thes One
  2. Racist inst
  3. GP Y’All inst.

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