DJ Alibi "One Day Remix feat. J-Live" (12")
DJ Alibi "One Day Remix feat. J-Live" (12")

DJ Alibi "One Day Remix feat. J-Live" (12")


DJ Alibi returns in rare-groove form with a remix from the title track of his full length album‘One Day’.  J-Live gives Alibi a helping hand by blessing the remixed “One Day” with fluent raps and a delivery that comes from many angles.  The A-side features the remix version of “One Day”, only available on this single, with a lustrous take on the original; the vibe inspires a smile and sets the mood for J-Live’s observation of the weekly grind we’re all familiar with.  The A-side also contains the instrumental and acappella versions of the track. The B-Side of this 12” contains a special gem entitled “Ecology” that is only found on this single. “Ecology” is a slight departure from the mostly breezy atmosphere of ‘One Day’, but the venture is nothing short of grandeur.  A brooding organ and psych-guitar loop builds over a funky drumbreak throughout. The formula works quite well splashing into a musical symphony of tone colors. The B-Side also contains the original version of “One Day” found on the full-length album.

(Taken from one sheet)

Artist: DJ Alibi
Title: One Day Remix
Cat#: TR396-033
UPC#: 181057000332
Format: 12” Vinyl
Condition: New


Track List

Side A

  1. One Day Remix feat. J-Live
  2. One Day Remix Instrumental
  3. One Day Remix Acappella

Side B

  1. One Day
  2. Ecology

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