Chikaramanga "Doronko Beats" (LP)  TEST PRESSING
Chikaramanga "Doronko Beats" (LP)  TEST PRESSING

Chikaramanga "Doronko Beats" (LP) TEST PRESSING


We have 4 copies of Chikaramanga (of Giant Panda) "Doronko Beats" Test Pressing.  I, Chikaramanga, am going to keep one of them.  We would like to see if any of you might be interested in purchasing the remaining 3 copies.  The official version of this album will be out on 5/18/2018.  If you would like to listen to it before the release date, this might be a good opportunity.  You can be one of 4 people in the world who owns this test pressing!

Artist: Chikaramanga
Title: Doronko Beats
Cat#: TR396-088
Format: 12” vinyl
Condition: New (Test Pressing)
Price: $20

Track List

Side A
1. Get Funky 
2. Nineties
3. Some Kind of Progressive
4. Gift for a Rainy Day
5. Roller Coaster Journey
6. Funk Basics
7. Message to Voyager

Side B
1. Players Weekend
2. Hot Sandwich
3. Home Run Kid
4. Physical Education
5. Hibiki
6. Doronko Baby
7. Aftertaste

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