Paten Locke "Super Ramen Rocketship" (LP)
Paten Locke "Super Ramen Rocketship" (LP)

Paten Locke "Super Ramen Rocketship" (LP)


Tres Records presents the debut album from Jacksonville’s very own Emcee/Producer/DJ, Paten Locke.  Also known as Therapy, many are aware of his work from groups such as Asamov, The Smile Ray’s, The Alias Brothers and The Perceptionists.  Paten’s production may also be heard on tracks of other artists such as Mr. Lif and Akrobatik. But with this debut solo album, many will soon be aware of his “triple threat” skills, which he serves up together all himself, for every fiending hip hop fan out there.  

Paten’s mission to put his own spin on Hip Hop culture is evident throughout the entire album.  Flipping samples and percussion in ways like no other, while expressing thoughts that stretch across a wide spectrum, Paten provides listeners a new taste of hip hop music. With a little bit of imagination, and the skills to match, he is able to create music that compliments the “out of left field” album title.  

Emcee/producers seem to always get the most criticism, but with one listen to his debut album, Paten is guaranteed to impress any critic.  From the title track, “Super Ramen Rocketship,” to tracks like, “Wadaap!,” Paten puts forth a sound that is all his own. From beginning to end, all you hear is Paten, no special guests, and no featured artists, just him.  Super Ramen Rocketship takes you on a journey through his own galaxy, giving you a clear idea of what he has gone through, what’s been on his mind, and who he has become. One can view this album as a musical biography, or as a trip along side the captain of this ship.  Either way you choose, it’s the story of Paten Locke, so strap in, prepare for blast off, and be ready to discover a sound that has been waiting to be heard.

"I think Paten Locke is Swahili for talented...met him in Jacksonville, FL thru a mutual friend...Lucky me...he's as refreshing as flavored oxygen...on the moon!" - Dres of Black Sheep

"Paten Locke knows the f**king deal, but no one should smoke that many Newports" - Edan

"Paten Locke is the total package. Beats, cuts, rhymes, & performance. It's rare to find an artist who excels so effortlessly in all those categories. P Locke combines old school fundamentals with a future vision to create vital sounds." - Mr.Lif

"Paten Locke is, by far, the best producer on the microphone!" - Akrobatik

Artist: Paten Locke
Title: Super Ramen Rocketship
Cat#: TR396-063
Format: Double 12" Vinyl
Condition: New 

Track List

Side A

  1. Soup For One
  2. Breakthru
  3. Good Muse
  4. Ash On Em

Side B

  1. Auto Reverse
  2. Brava
  3. Funky Hit Record
  4. Ventilation

Side C

  1. Wadaap!
  2. Til The Dawn
  3. Just Me

Side D

  1. Super Ramen Rocketship
  2. Off The Grid
  3. After You

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