Late Bloomers "Three Shades Brown" (12")
Late Bloomers "Three Shades Brown" (12")

Late Bloomers "Three Shades Brown" (12")


For any late bloomer in this world, it is not so much the case that "things happen for a reason" but rather, that "things don't happen for a reason." This same idea applies to Late Bloomers and more specifically their latest EP, Three Shades Brown.

Late Bloomers' Three Shades Brown came together in the most natural of ways. Sparking from a conversation in regards to their uneven tans (or farmers tan as most would say), the statement from Nonstop,"...I'm three shades of brown..." immediately struck a bell in their minds. Now, one may delve deeper into the meaning of it all, but when it comes down to it, Three Shades Brown simply represents the playfulness behind their music and for life in general.

The EP contains 6 tracks, all produced, written, and sung by the trio. With Ahh:Zel and ReallyNathan doubling up on production duties, the two create rhythms and melodies that swing between the fences of soul music, and West Coast hip hop. Overdub their instrumentals with the voices of Nonstop and Ahh:zel, then you have yourself the uplifting and playful messages of Late Bloomers. Tracks such as "Soul For Keeps" provides pleasure for the listener with an infinite love for soul, while "Money Maker" feeds the hip hop head hungry for some raw loops. Mastered by Daddy Kev, Three Shades Brown provides a sound which invokes the feelings of today's working struggle but is countered by the hope we all have deep down inside.

Late Bloomers was formed in 2009 while Ahh:Zel was sitting in law class distracted by the filipina girl who sat next to him and a rhyme he was working on instead of taking notes. Dazed even further out of his class lecture, he sent a text to Nonstop saying nothing but "Ahh:Zel & Nonstop are Late Bloomers". Nonstop (confused) was down, and now all they needed was a dj. Enter ReallyNathan, who was added once Lord Quas told him to quit rapping, and partnered with Ahh:Zel to craft the soundbed of the burgeoning Bloomers. With a new found direction and reinvigorated spirit, the three would go from disgruntled amateurs to a self described polished supergroup, and are now ready to show the people that they are not the only Late Bloomers....

(Taken from one sheet)

Artist: Late Bloomers
Title: Three Shades Brown
Cat#: TR396-077
UPC#: 181057000141
Format: 12” Vinyl

Track List

Side A
1. Intro
2. Sandbox
3. Money Maker
4. Soul For Keeps
5. Never Don't Grow
6. Outro

Side B
1. Intro - Instrumental
2. Sandbox - Instrumental
3. Money Maker - Instrumental
4. Soul For Keeps - Instrumental
5. Never Don't Grow - Instrumental
6. Outro - Instrumental

Tracks 2,6 produced by Ahh:Zel
Tracks 1, 3, 4 produced by ReallyNathan
Track 5 produced by Ahh:Zel + ReallyNathan
All songs recorded and mixed by Jorge "Jayy" Rangel at Studio Nueve

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