Lightheaded "Wrong Way" (CD)
Lightheaded "Wrong Way" (CD)

Lightheaded "Wrong Way" (CD)


Tres Records is proud to announce the release of Lightheaded’s new album, Wrong Way.  The Portland, OR based trio of MCs Braille, Othello, and Producer/MC Ohmega Watts released their debut (along with producer Muneshine), Pure Thoughts, in 2001 and received praises from fans and critics alike.  With critically acclaimed releases by each of the members since Pure Thoughts, the trio of Lightheaded is now ready to take us the Wrong Way.

Actually, Wrong Way is more about taking us every way but the wrong way.  With thoughtful lyrics, up-tempo b-boy jams, and sprinkles of social commentary, Wrong Way is Hip-Hop that harkens back to better times without sounding dated.

Ohmega Watts handles most of the production on Wrong Way (two songs produced by Stro the 89th Key from the Procussions, two from Tony S and one from old collaborator Muneshine) and creates the perfect future funk canvases for the three MCs to paint over.  Watts serves up a variety of tempos and feelings, and the MCs are able to find the right topic and mood to fit each rhythm. From the breakdance boogies of “In the Building”, “Soul Power”, and “Uhh” to the soulful bounces of “Timeless”, “Individually Wrapped” and “Short Stories”, Watts keeps the beats grooving while the MCs never loose a beat.  All three are apt storytellers (as displayed on the Stro produced “Eye to Eye”) and able to talk honestly about their lives and beliefs (“Unconditional”).

Featuring live musicians and scratching from DJs Bombay, DNA, Manwell, and the legendary Rob Swift, Wrong Way is a 15 track ride that takes the listener to many different destinations without ever getting lost or losing direction.

(Taken from one sheet)

Track List

  1. Orientation
  2. Timeless
  3. In the Building
  4. Individually Wrapped
  5. Showcase
  6. Bing Pong
  7. Short Stories
  8. Soul Power
  9. Afraid of the Dark
  10. Unconditional
  11. Wrong Way
  12. UHH!
  13. Eye to Eye
  14. Speak Your Peace
  15. Surprise Cypher (Remix)

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