C.R.A.C. "Buy Me Lunch" (12")
C.R.A.C. "Buy Me Lunch" (12")

C.R.A.C. "Buy Me Lunch" (12")


"Buy Me Lunch" is the first official single from the highly anticipated C.R.A.C. album, featuring Blu & Ta'Raach.  The song, or anthem, as some would say, is described best by Ta'Raach as "Low-FI / Pop Rock," as it transcends the hip hop genre into new territories.  A song built around a basic chant, featuring the playful vocals of Noni Lamar, "Buy Me Lunch," will be the summer anthem for 2008 and beyond.  "Buy Me Lunch" will also feature a video for the entire song, which will be featured on all major hip hop websites, blogs, and video servicing sites.  A daring and confident introduction to C.R.A.C.'s diversity in sound, Blu & Ta'Raach create a masterpiece, that will be remember for ages to come.  Let go of all pre-conceived notions, open your mind, and delve into the minds of C.R.A.C..

(Taken from one sheet)

Artist: C.R.A.C.
Title: Buy Me Lunch
Cat#: TR396-035
Format: 12" Vinyl
Condition: New

Side A
1. Buy Me Lunch
2. Buy Me Lunch – Instrumental

Side B
1. Love Don’t
2. Love Don’t - Instrumental
3. Love Don’t - Acappella

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