City Pop / Wamono 45 Mix by Chikaramanga (Giant Panda / YNO)

Posted by Chikara Kurahashi on

Chikaramanga's all 7 inch vinyl mix of Japanese City Pop and Wamono.

Chikara's City Pop / Wamono DJ crew, YNO has a monthly event, "Timely" in DTLA every last Friday.  This mix is a little taste of what the night is about.

 Track List

1. Ramu "Aiwa Kokorono Shigotodesu"

Ramu "Aiwa Kokorono Shigotodesu"

2. Momoko Kikuchi "Anatakara Fly Away"

Momoko Kikuchi "Anatakara Fly Away"

3. Wink "One Night In Heaven"

Wink "One Night In Heaven"

4. Tetsuwan Miracle Babies "Talk Show"

Tetsuwan Miracle Babies "Talk Show"

5. Tatsuro Yamashita "Ride On Time"

Tatsuro Yamashita "Ride On Time"

6. Miharu Koshi "L'amour Toujours

Miharu Koshi "L'amour Toujours

7. Taeko Ohnuki "Carnaval"

Taeko Ohnuki "Carnaval"

8. Nami Shimada "Motto Zutto I Love You"

Nami Shimada "Motto Zutto I Love You"

9. Yuki Kato "Shy Ni Aishite"

Yuki Kato "Shy Ni Aishite"

10. Mariya Takeuchi "Single Again"

Mariya Takeuchi "Single Again"

11. Yumi Matsutoya "Saturday Night Zombies"


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