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Right after Chikaramanga’s group, Giant Panda independently released its’ debut 12” single, “88 Remix,” Chikaramanga’s high school friend and former group member, Sausen called him from Tokyo explaining his idea of starting a label in LA. Chikara liked the idea and the two put together a business plan and raised investment to start the label.

They were in a rap group called Trio The Clock before Chikara moved to LA. They sought after a label name that represented their roots, Trio The Clock. “Tres” meaning “Three” in Spanish came to their mind and they immediately liked it. The fact that one of their favorite rap groups, De La Soul had a song called “3 is the magic number” was a good supporting factor to choose the name. The label was officially founded in LA on March 13th, 2004.

Thes One (of People Under The Stairs) was a big part of Tres at the beginning. Due to the similarities in his name to the label, people thought he owned it. This was never the case. He helped out a lot and gave great insight into the industry already having 3 albums under his belt with People Under The Stairs at the time. He had the experience, the know how and ideas. Thes One “Noonen” (12”) was the first release to come out on Tres in 2004. However, in 2006, Thes left the company to focus on his group and other projects. Newman of Giant Panda also joined the company right after the label was established. In 2007, Newman left the company for the same reason as Thes, to focus on his music.

After several successful 12''s, the first full length album to be released on Tres was Giant Panda's debut album “Fly School Reunion” in 2005.

Lifestyle Marketing from Thes One in 2007 was a big album for Tres. Epitomizing the Tres sound, but it was also a new concept, merging samples from old commercial jingles by Herb Pilhofer with Thes One's signature drum programming, filtering and production prowess people had become accustomed to with his work in People Under The Stairs.

2008 was a turning point year for Tres,  and one of the most successful years releasing 5 albums. Giant Panda's second album, “Electric Laser,” C.R.A.C. “The Piece Talks”, Shawn Jacksons debut “First of All”, New Jack Hussle “Sound Check,” and Johnson & Jonson’s self titled album were released in 2008.  A different sound emerged.

In 2011, Tres put out Late Bloomers’ debut EP, “Three Shades Brown” and Co$$' debut LP, “Before I Awoke” continuing with a new sound of spacey, futuristic west coast music. These releases had a very new approach to production. More forward thinking.

Tres have always kept a solid foundation of artists and found new artists through mutual friends of the label. Lightheaded supported People Under The Stairs in 2004 in Portland. Thes really liked their style so the connect was made. Met Blu through Ta'raach, Shawn Jackson through Time Machine and Co$$ through Blu.

Most artists that Tres have signed have been referred by musicians with a release on Tres previously. The only two different situations were with DJ Alibi and Late Bloomers. Alibi gave his demo to Thes, and Thes loved it so he helped put him on. ReallyNathan of Late Bloomers interned at Tres and was always playing music and working on projects. The opportunity arose for them to put together an EP for Tres.

Tres is all about building long lasting relationships with artists, keeping a strong foundation of rappers, producers and Dj's. Now in 2012 dots are still being connected with a close knit family circle of Tres artists and affiliates. With House Shoes debut album came out via Tres, the future looks exciting.